Fall Primary Recruitment 2021

Registration for Fall Primary Recruitment is now closed.

Below is more information regarding Continuous Open Bidding, an informal recruitment opportunity to still join our community!

​Hello Potential New Members!

We are no longer hosting Fall Primary Recruitment, however several chapters are eligible for Continuous Open Bidding (an informal recruitment process). Continuous Open Bidding looks different at every chapter, but often consists of events that allow you to meet members of their recruitment team and chapter. If you are interested in learning more about a given chapter, please contact the following eligible chapters directly below:

Delta Delta Delta, caltridelta.vpme@gmail.com

Delta Sigma, sigma.membershiprecruitment@gmail.com

Gamma Phi Beta, cal.gammaphi.mvp@gmail.com

Kappa Alpha Theta, omegathetacro@gmail.com

Sigma Kappa, sigmakrecruitment@gmail.com

Zeta Tau Alpha, ztacalmembership@gmail.com

If you are interested in joining a specific chapter but don't see them on this list, you may consider reaching out to them directly. Opportunities to join a chapter fluctuate throughout the semester pending openings.


Alexandria Marx

Panhellenic Vice President of Membership


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