Transfer Recruitment Stories

Transferring to UC Berkeley and worried about the recruitment experience? Feel like it might not be the way for you to go? Read the stories below from women just like you, who decided to go Greek after transferring and want you to as well!

"Prior to transferring to UC Berkeley, I attended the University of Mississippi and participated in fall formal recruitment. Unfortunately, I did not have a positive recruitment experience. Since the day I learned what a sorority was I’ve wanted to be in one, so I decided I would try again when I found out I was accepted as a junior transfer to UC Berkeley. I loved going through recruitment at Cal. Every person I talked to, at every house, was so kind, friendly, and welcoming. Even if you decide Greek life isn’t for you, recruitment is a fantastic way to meet new people as a transfer student."

-Laura Verga, Sigma Kappa

"Some decisions are harder than others, but going Greek was never a decision I questioned making. As a transfer student, I entered UC Berkeley without a true support system. However, going Greek allowed me the opportunity to connect with so many incredible people that continuously embraced who I was while encouraging me to grow as a person. In fact, it was during recruitment that I was able to realize that transferring to UC Berkeley was the best possible decision I could have made. I met so many girls that showed me that this school doesn’t just support one path, but rather embraces every quality that its students have to offer. Specifically, I connected with one girl who shared every passion of mine. I have a very unique career path and talking to someone who shared the exact same dream as I is when I thought to myself, “I am no longer alone!” Going Greek not only brought me that support system, but it showed me that this community is truly about bringing people together. Regardless of where one started, going Greek gave me the chance to thrive in college by giving me best friends, roommates, and a family. The people I met throughout this process make me extremely proud to call UC Berkeley my home."

- Savannah Feldman, Pi Beta Phi

"As a junior transfer, we have less time at Cal than other students. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of all the opportunities that are available! I think a great opportunity for transfers is to go through recruitment, for numerous reasons. Going Greek allowed me to meet, interact, and even live with amazing women who all are unique in their individual way. I’m able to expand my professional network with alumnae not only in my own field of study but other careers as well. To all the transfers thinking of going through recruitment, I highly recommend it! It’s an experience that will be a memorable part of your time at Cal. Go Bears, Go Greek!"


-Lea Saghal, Sigma Kappa

"As a transfer student, it was important to me to find a home here for my two years at Cal. During recruitment, I met so many fascinating and genuine women that I knew this was a community I wanted to be a part of. To me, being in a sorority means always having someone to come with you on field trips to a Tibetan Buddhist temple, dressing up as characters from Pixar movies and having a photoshoot, making new friends every time you sit down for dinner or sunbathe on the roof, or pie-ing fraternity boys in the face together. My sisters have pushed me to try so many new things, like taking on leadership positions, working for the Daily Cal, and trying vegan cinnamon rolls. I can’t imagine my college experience without Theta!"

- Audrey Chapman, Kappa Alpha Theta

"I went through fall formal recruitment for the experience. Being a transfer student it seemed odd to join so late, but really this is the beginning of a four year university experience that I have to condense within two years. It took a lot of debating between pros and cons, but fall formal recruitment was a last minute decision I would have regretted not doing. Going Greek was always something I saw appealing if I went straight into a four year as a freshmen. That "if" was one of the major reasons to my hesitation, but now that it's been an amazing year I can't even think of why I wouldn't have. All I know is that who cares if it's not the normal route. It's the same experience and I didn't want to miss out on something I at least wanted to try out at some point in my life."

-Ani Breslin

"When I transferred to Cal, I was nervous about coming in to such a big institution on my own and wanted to find a way to get involved with the school quickly. Going through the recruitment process not only allowed me to meet amazing girls that would be in other houses, but I found my own home in ADPi! Immediately I had a support system of inspiring, motivated, and involved individuals that are abundant in the Panhellenic community. These women helped me transition to Cal, maximized the Berkeley experiences, and exposed me to all that the school had to offer, beyond what I could have found on my own. Even though I was hesitant going through the process as a junior myself, I promise it’s never too late, and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a community ready to welcome you to your new home in Berkeley!"

-Jessica Streich, Alpha Delta Pi

"Being a transfer junior was intimidating in so many ways and for so many reasons. It’s an unknown territory that can’t be planned. I was excited to be starting a new chapter, nervous about the transition, and ready for everything that was ahead of me. I had many friends ask me if i was going to join a sorority and for me, it was never a question whether or not I wanted to; I knew I did. As a transfer junior, I didn’t have the opportunity to join a sisterhood when I was a freshman or a sophomore at a community college, so it was really a “now or never” opportunity. Joining a sorority was one of the things I wanted to do in my two short years, so I made sure I went through the process to see if it was something I wanted to commit to or not. I ended up joining Alpha Phi and met some of the most incredible women on the way. Our house is diverse, proud and unquestionably support of one another. Through the Greek community as a whole I met some of my closest friends that I can’t imagine not having. All of these women are who I want by my side through my last year of college, and I wouldn’t have found them any other way. Coming into a university as a transfer junior comes with no guarantees or security blankets, so for me to have had such a smooth transition and to have found a community on campus makes me one of the lucky ones."

-Helen Jonsdottir, Alpha Phi

"I knew going in as a junior transfer I wanted to go through recruitment because I'd gain a tight knit community of girls at an overwhelmingly huge university and that's the vibe I got when I joined chi o. Like I just noticed down to earth fun girls that I really wanted to be apart of! I also noticed on bid day we had a lot of junior transfers which made me so so happy and I became extremely close with Mimi and Natalie who are also junior transfers. I just thought going through recruitment as a junior transfer was similar to being a freshman in a way because were starting out all fresh and new too."

-Christina Canepa, Chi Omega

"At first I felt out of place, because everyone was so much younger than me but when I met a couple other transfers we kind of just banned together and now we are all still really good friends. Although they didn't end up in Chi O because it wasn't the perfect fit for them, we still hang out all the time. I chose Chi O because the girls were so down to earth and welcoming."

- Megan Jessen, Chi Omega

"Joining Cal's Greek community has been one of the best decisions I have made here! My initial reason to go through recruitment was to graduate college with no "what if" feelings, yet I have benefitted even more than I could have imagined. The entire process of going through recruitment, finding my home, and becoming initiated has been a whirlwind of experiences. Without undergoing Fall Formal Recruitment I would not have been able to find my best friends, study buddies, and future bridesmaids. I've shared so many laughs, tears, and hugs with these women that have become my family. Having a support system is crucial in college and joining the Greek community is a great way to find that solid network! AXO has been such an integral part of my college experience that I cannot begin to fathom life without such real, strong women!" 

-Hannah Cho, Alpha Chi Omega

"I went through recruitment as a transfer because I thought it would be a good way to make friends and meet more people. I wasn't sure I would actually end up in a sorority and I had no idea how transfers were perceived, so I was a bit overwhelmed at first but then I realized nobody cared and was very welcoming and excited. So yeah, recruitment ended up being a lot of fun even though my other transfer friends pretty much forced me to do it. Chi O was the first house where I was comfortable and felt like I could totally be myself. Everyone was just so genuine and good humored and all my worries about being a transfer totally disappeared when I was there. "

- Natalie Johnson, Chi Omega